How Do Christian Goodman Blood Pressure Exercises Work

Thu 29 December 2016
Updated: Thu 29 December 2016

Have you seen those raving reviews of 3 Christian Goodman’s Blood pressure exercises? Some reviewers claim to have seen a miraculous, virtually overnight cure to their blood pressure problem. One review I read claimed a blood pressure drop from 145/95 to 120/80, in a short four weeks, exceeding even her expectations. People are all the rave about these exercises. But, how do Christian Goodman Blood Pressure exercises work, you might be asking yourself? 

The Christian Goodman exercises are a set of three exercises that reduce blood pressure, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. They work on the premise that blood pressure rise arises from too much stress and tension. The exercises are designed to help relax and calm the body, resulting in a decrease in blood pressure. 

The first exercise has of overall benefit to blood pressure. It involves rhythmic walking, which can be done on a spot for 12 minutes. It also involves swinging of arms and repeating to oneself, “left, right, left, right” as you move the arms.

The second exercise involves some breathing exercises, which are meant to bring an emotional release. This helps to release pent up emotional stress and tension. These guided breathing exercises last about 20 minutes, and involve some meditation.

The third exercise is done just before sleeping and also lasts about 20 minutes. It’s a breathing exercise as well and also involves deep muscle relaxation. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

Studies have shown that the deep relaxation, and release of tension that this exercises bring have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. They work by riding the body of anxieties, stresses and pressures that have resulted in a spike in blood pressure.

However, it must be said that for the exercises to be fully effective, you must also adopt a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating a healthy diet low in bad fats and sodium, getting some regular exercise and avoiding unnecessary stress.